• New year. New version! With over 100 fixes, changes and enhancements this is one of our biggest yet – uniCenta oPOS 4.5 Released!
December 2017
  • Latest uniCenta oPOS 4.5 Final Beta Released!
  • posApps Customer REST webservices Released
  • Freshened up our posApps Manager UI
  • uniCenta oPOS WEB for Android + iOS released to BETA Released!
November 2017
  • Latest uniCenta oPOS 4.5Beta Released!
  • uniCenta oPOS for Android + iOS Alpha development completed
October 2017
  • uniCenta oPOS 4.5Beta Released!
    Includes our new posApps REST API – Customer only at this stage.

It’s official!

New Improved forum

  •  Our online forum we’ve had for the last two years went toes up on us over a weekend. Couldn’t be fixed so we took the opportunity to replace with a more powerful and feature rich forum engine.
September 2017

17 September 2017 Released uniCenta oPOS 4.4.2

  •  An un-scheduled release for 4.4 which has fixes mainly for some forms and report based on user feedback. These could have waited until our next monthly release we thought them important enough to make them available earlier.

The updates:

    • Sales, Products & Attributes forms
    • Attributes can now accept your own input i.e.; Serial Numbers
    • Some Product, Sales & Inventory report SQL select statements + addition of new filters
    • Addition for handling full-screen mode on Linux (tested on Ubuntu)

Only 4 days in and we’re off with a bang!

August 2017
  • This month we have focussed on getting User Guides and Videos out there, So far we have…,
July 2017
  • uniCenta oPOS 4.4 released
  • Official accreditation received from PaymentSense for our posApps Credit Card Payment plugin
  • uniCenta in collaboration with FPI open office in Denver, Colorado, USA Office
June 2017
  • uniCenta oPOS 4.4 Beta released to closed customer site test Includes new posApps Credit Card Payment gateway for UK & Ireland along with fixes reported in forum
May 2017
  • uniCenta oPOS 4.3.2 released Fixes and some library downgrades for compatibility with Jasper Reports 6.4
  • Sticking to our commitment – 4.1 released back into the uniCenta oPOS community
  • uniCenta oPOS 4.3.1 released Reversed out MySQL 6 connector introduced in 4.3 due to Time Zone issues Database Transfer tool now up to 20 x times faster than previous versions!
April 2017
  • uniCenta oPOS 4.3 (GA) released
  • uniCenta oPOS 4.3RC (Release Candidate) released It is a major release and contains a whole bag of improvements, fixes and enhancements
March 2017
  • pssst…. letting you know just added Stock quantity update for 4.3 release. Great for Honeywell/Metrologic/Scanpal mobile! Thanks to William, Dublin Mercantile, Canada for co-sponsoring this great addition
  • uniCenta REST web services announced after successful live customer trial in February. Real-time, Create, Review, Update and Delete (CRUD) two-way uniCenta oPOS and eCommerce store (we used wooCommerce) synchronisation. Public Beta release date to be announced
  • uniCenta oPOS 4.3 is a major update. Final beta released
  • Final uniCenta Remote Order Display beta released
February 2017
  • A quiet month on the surface of things but busy working on getting next uniCentaoPOS 4.3Beta ready for release
  • More work on uniCenta Remote Order Display beta. Testing completed after 24h x 4 day continuous running
January 2017
  • uniCenta’s Amazon website servers upgraded to cope with higher traffic demands
  • Website content and resource now hosted with top-tier global presence CDN
December 2016
  • uniCenta oPOS v4.2.2 released
  • More new uniCenta Video series guides pushed to our pages and YouTube
November 2016

uniCenta oPOS v4 Windows 10 official from Microsoft


  • uniCenta oPOS receives official Windows 10 approval from Microsoft
  • Remote Order Display goes into Beta
  • uniCenta’s new Video series guides started. First 4 step# videos available on our uniCenta oPOS Install page and on YouTube
October 2016
  • uniCenta Web Reports released
  • uniCenta oPOS v4.2 released
  • A major UK public sector organisation confirms roll-out of uniCenta oPOS 4
September 2016
  • Final touches to uniCenta oPOS v4.2Beta before release in early October Changelog page
  • Completed and delivered bespoke uniCenta oPOS development for a leading lottery services company
August 2016
  • uniCenta oPOS v4.2Beta3 released. New Database Transfer module + Enhancements. See Changelog page
July 2016
  • uniCenta oPOS v4.2Beta’s released. New Product Bundles module + enhancements + Linux and Mac Installers. See Changelog page
June 2016
  • Quiet month for public-facing activity but behind the scenes we were getting ready for a couple of new, exciting additions to uniCenta oPOS v4.2
  • Subscriptions pass through the 200 mark
May 2016
April 2016
  • uniCenta oPOS v4.1.3 update released. See new Changelog page
  • uniCenta oPOS Barcodes Guide completed and available
March 2016
  • uniCenta oPOS v4.1.2 update released. This is the first of our promised quarterly releases and includes not only bug-fixes but also a major code refactor to allow for Linux hosted databases.
  • Final Configuration and Tax Management user guides completed and available.
February 2016
  • uniCenta oPOS v4.1.1 update released
  • Initial Drafts for new User manuals and guides delivered as Work In Progress.
January 2016
  • new uniCenta website format opens
  • uniCenta oPOS v4.1.0 released – containing over 40 new modules, enhancements, fixes and improvements compared to 3.91.3
  • Exclusive Subscription Customer-only forums opened.
December 2015
  • website stays in Maintenance mode.
November 2015
  • website put into Maintenance mode.
  • Other than this nothing significant happened this month.
October 2015
  • New format website deployed.
  • Sadly missed the deadline for end of October uniCenta oPOS v4.1 release due to unforeseen circumstances. Trying hard to catchup and release for mid-November.
  • uniCenta oPOS v3.91.3 released to fix a couple of bugs and added a few enhancements.
September 2015
  • This month has all been about work on uniCenta oPOS v4 – it started in earnest and there’s one or two surprises in store for you folks that we’re going to keep qiuet about. We’ll shout about them when we release the beta – beginning of October.
  • uniCenta oPOS 3.91.2 with bug-fixes mainly to EAN and UPC barcode functionality.
    Incorporated all language locales into the run-time as well – so now it’s simpler and faster for users to choose the language they want.
August 2015
  • Holiday time! Not much happened here this month though work has started on uniCenta oPOS version 4.1
July 2015
  • After an eight month spell of no releases – since last 27 November 2014 – much has gone on behind the scenes. uniCenta oPOS v3.91 is released.
    This release is significant as major changes to our Software Develeopment Life Cycle (SDLC) with converting to Maven instead of Ant builds is now complete. Runtime and source code deployments to Sourceforge, and eventually Git, are now automated courtesy of our sponsor Atlassian’s toolset.
  • uniCenta’s posApps Pay plugin launched though slightly behind time as our main download site, Sourceforge, had some issues until late July. It’s done and ready to go! Visit A culmination of a lot of work on our side to get a preCertified PCI/EMV ready chip and pin card payment solution deployed.
June 2015
  • uniCenta oPOS version 4 is in coming close to end of beta. Version 4 – release slated for August 2015 – has gone through three months plus “live” testing in a real site. With over 20,000 sales transactions in a multi-terminal, remote, central MySQL server it has proven itself consistently day in day out.
  • Sign-ups for our posApps Digital Receipts continue at a steady pace. We now have 1200+ Subscribers.
May 2015
  • Special uniCenta oPOS version 4 beta made available to selected clients. Running latest Java runtime – JRE8 – and with an extensive list of features not available in 3.9x series. This version is seeing an average of 40%+ speed improvement at the point of sale as well as more resilience at DB level.
April 2015
March 2015
  • Spend two days visiting Retail Business Technology Expo, Olympia, London, England as there is so much to see and talk about with vendors.
    The divide between on-line/off-line “Click & Mortar” we often talk about is narrowing – especially with card payments.
  • uniCenta oPOS v3.90 with our posApps Handpoint Mobile credit card payments and Digital receipt plugins goes on live-trial at Cha Cha Cha, London, England
  • Almond Valley a popular heritage tourist attraction West Lothian, Scotland commit to go ahead with special uniCenta oPOS version (pre-cursor to version 4)
February 2015
  • Back from another site preparation visit for the prestige globally known client (mentioned in October 2014). Go-live target is end of April this year
  • We hear uniCenta oPOS has been successfully installed for an owner with three bars in Lourdes and one in Tarbes, France
  • Also hear reliable rumbling from a German contact that a very well known UK clothing retailer is seriously playing with uniCenta oPOS for integration into their systems revamp
January 2015
  • Happy New Year 2015! Lots to do this year already planned including :
  • our integration with the award winning fully compliant PCI3/EMV Handpoint Mobile Payment Enabled Devices for credit card payments – expect availability end April
  • a new more powerful uniCenta oPOS v4 with a re-jigged User Interface designed for tablet PC’s – expect availability end May
December 2014
  • Another impressive year for uniCenta oPOS downloads! 165,000 from our Sourceforge site and 17,000 from our own site. We ran the download service for about 6 weeks but withdrew it after getting fed up with receiving, believe it or not, a steady stream of abusive email addresses! (will leave it to your imagination…)
  • posApps Digital Receipt has had a good run up to the end of the year since its launch with UK, USA and Canada registered users heading the top three.
  • Last thing for us to do is to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2015. See you next year!
November 2014
  • uniCenta oPOS v3.90 delivered – over a year in the making our posApps Digital Receipt plugin hits the streets – all wrapped up in this special version.
  • Axon Fiscal printer integration and Invoicing delivered to an Italian POS reseller for one of Italy’s leading mobile phone accessory multi-store operators.
  • Handpoint, the most secure service for Mobile POS card payments, and uniCenta are now an item. They didn’t have a Java app’ Integrator Partner… they do now.
October 2014
  • uniCenta oPOS v3.80 delivered – containing 33 fixes, enhancements and changes over 3.70
  • Direct download of uniCenta oPOS and related stuff is dropped from the site because we regularly received abuse – including construct of a downloader’s email address can you believe – as well as the countless attempts to hack our site. We don’t have time to waste on this silly nonsense… Don’t you just love the creativity(?) of some people.
    All Downloads are now only available from the uniCenta oPOS Sourceforge project page.
September 2014
  • New Client: First phase of uniCenta oPOS installation delivered for a well known global premier brand-name client for their retail operation in North Africa.
  • uniCenta oPOS continues to get stronger with up-coming release of version 3.80 – contains 40 fixes, enhancements and changes – with delivery in early October.
August 2014
  • New Client: Multiple-phase bespoke development of uniCenta oPOS for an emerging lottery services provider. uniCenta oPOS will connect to their REST webservices and enable game purchases in real-time.
  • posApps Digital Receipt server hosting move tests to Amazon AWS completed along with further interface improvements to both client side app’ and server portal.
July 2014
  • Our posApps Digital Receipt project is now out there with selected Beta testers for the next few weeks. We’ve beefed up the server by moving to Amazon AWS, added 256bit enterprise-grade security for all Users and transactions and added charting for the analytics.
  • Integration with a fully PCI/P2PE compliant Mobile Payment Enabled Device is been done which means that all uniCenta users can get the full benefits of transacting all major cards with maximum security and enjoy incredibly low rates. Availability August.
June 2014
  • A quiet month as far as public-facing activity goes but behind the scenes a lot was happening. For one; work was completed on a Proof Of Concept – now in Beta – for a fully mobile PCI compliant card payments device. Intention is to launch this late July.
  • Also completed, the beta of a real-time browser-based back-office for uniCenta oPOS which means that users are free to manage uniCenta oPOS from anywhere.
May 2014
  • uniCenta oPOS version 3.70 delivered with another 20+ fixes and enhancements over 3.60. We over-ruled our usual policy of holding back the general availability of source code until after a few weeks and this time delivered the fixes and source for uniCenta oPOS 3.70 all at the same time!
  • uniCenta delivers large-scale Image CDN for de Gournay a leading international exclusive interior manufacturer and retailer.
Apr 2014
  • uniCenta oPOS version 3.60 released Went way past our original intended 30 fixes, enhancements and additional reports and delivered over 50!
Mar 2014
  • We launch the new uniCenta website. You’re reading it!
  • uniCenta oPOS version 3.60 coming soon Version 3.60 delivers over 30 fixes, enhancements and additional reports – which now takes the report count to over 40 – such as Customer List that allows a straightforward way of exporting Customer data for use a mailing list.
Feb 2014
  • posApps Digital Receipt Beta and site launched
  • uniCenta Limited is formally incorporated and combines efforts of Jack Gerrard, uniCenta’s Founder and Hugh Stevenson, posApps Founder’s spin-off project posApps Digital Receipt Lukasz Oltarzewski is appointed as Creative Director and Derrick James as Legal Counsel.
Dec 2013
  • uniCenta oPOS version 3.56 released.

Version 3.56 comes with more fixes and tweaks that didn’t make the version 3.55 cut. It’s an interim release as we prepare uniCenta oPOS for introduction of Card Payment Gateways early in 2014

Nov 2013
  • After having been part of two startup companies in the eCommerce payments and Media spaces over the last few years Jack, Founder of uniCenta, decides to leave his job as CEO and commit full-time to uniCenta.
Oct 2013
  • Latest version of uniCenta oPOS version 3.55

Feedback from releases arrive much quicker than they ever did before because of the number of Downloads. What could take a few weeks to a month or two a year ago now happens in days. Version 3.55 is a replacement for the September 2013 v3.50 release (which to be frank was a bit lass than ready to go) and fixed all the known bugs plus I added a few more enhancements, such as a Customer Transactions list in the Customer View form.

Sept 2013
Now look what’s gone and happened!

We didn’t find out that uniCenta oPOS had won a 2013 Bossie Award until late October (can you believe no one got in touch to let us know and we only discovered we had won this accolade via a congratulatory email from a PR company offering their services!). It all happened back in mid-September so included here. To say “We’re dead chuffed” (a well-known and used Yorkshire expression of being duly proud of ones achievement) is an under-statement to say the least.

2013 Bossie Awards Winner for Best POS

uniCenta oPOS 2013 Bossie Awards Winner

“Openbravo POS was a popular, open source way to run point-of-sale devices such as cash registers or checkout computers. The Openbravo POS project stalled in 2011, but the source code lives on in a very powerful and beautifully redone fork, uniCenta oPOS. The folks behind the new project have gussied it up with a new look (along with 38 different skins), provided commercial support for customers who needed it, and released the source code as GPLv3 to prevent it from being resold as a service. Everything from automatically figuring sales tax to inventory management, scale integration, and employee control is included.” – Serdar Yegulalp, InfoWorld


  • uniCenta oPOS v3.50 released! This release was over-due and came later than planned. I was aiming for May’ish time, but had lots of other things to do.

Previous to September 2013…

  • Lots has happened since starting the uniCenta oPOS project back in 2010 and is widely available elsewhere on the web so won’t bore you with repeats.