Set up uniCenta oPOS

Follow these steps in this order to successfully set up your uniCenta oPOS installation

  • Configuration Panel

    Settings are here for everything from Databases through to Printers
    Read Configuration Guide

  • Roles & Users

    We’ve already created four for you. If you set a Password for the Administrator account. Make sure you remember it!
    Working on new guide...

  • Set Taxes

    Two default Rates already there. Exempt 0% and Standard 20%. Adjust to suit. Have as many as you want.
    Read Taxes Management Guide

  • Categories

    Categories group Products. Two defaults auto-created. Rename to suit. Create as many as you need.
    Read Category Setup Guide

  • Products

    Probably the most important part in uniCenta oPOS you need to get right. Assign everything here from Barcodes through to Sales screen button images and fancy looking text.
    Working on new guide...

  • Ticket

    There are several templates to choose from. Have your store logo to hand and a good idea of your receipt layout before you start.
    See Templates

Remember to Save your work regularly. Some changes will not take effect until you restart uniCenta oPOS
More help can be found in Customer Member forums

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