Upgrade uniCenta oPOS

This page deals exclusively with standard uniCenta oPOS versions.
If you have a non-official version from another source you should refer to that supplier.


uniCenta oPOS version 4 has two upgrade routes:

  1. Let uniCenta oPOS automatically upgrade it for you
  2. Use the Database Transfer tool – read the guide Database Transfer or watch the video

Which one should I use?


Only applies to uniCenta oPOS installations using MySQL databases. If you need to upgrade from uniCenta oPOS – v3.70 to 3.91.3 – which used its own built-in database or Apache Derby Client/Server, PostgreSQL or other then you will need to use the Database Transfer tool.

The upside of using the automatic upgrade is you get all the things such as bugs fix and low-level enhancements and it is really quick.
The downside is you will have to manually make changes to add in the newly introduced functionality yourself – this mainly applies to menus, scripts, tickets along with roles and users – as these are not overwritten by the upgrade process.
Use this route if you have made heavy modifications to things like scripts or ticket printing templates for example.


Installing the latest version and then using the Database Transfer tool means you have all of the latest uniCenta oPOS features available to you right away. It is the preferred option and you can use this route if you have only made small changes which can be quickly edited after the upgrade has finished.


When upgrading, the installer has no way of knowing what may have been changed from standard, so what is there at upgrade time is left as is and not over-written. Only new scripts and ticket templates are added.
For example : to take advantage of the new multi-destination remote print feature a manual change to your existing Printer.Ticket is needed.


The Menu.Root file is replaced so that the new modules and feature changes are available.

ROLES (Permissions)

The Administrator account is over-written to incorporate  the new Menu and feature changes. All other Roles permissions are left un-touched and other Roles will need to be amended manually to access the new features.


All reports and accompanying script files are over-written with new versions.


Several new ticket templates have been introduced, for example; product multi-destination remote printing. These are added automatically during installation and existing ticket templates are left intact to preserve any changes that have been made.
Manual update of existing ticket templates is needed to take advantage of the new remote printing functionality if the auto-upgrade option is used.


At this time the only fully implemented languages in uniCenta oPOS v4 are:

  • English UK (default)
  • English USA
  • French
  • Spanish

Where other included languages are not fully translated English (UK) will show as this is the default text setting for all labels and messages that may have been introduced since the version you are upgrading from. There are more than 500 new label and message additions in v4 compared to version 3.91.3

More help can be found in the Customer forums