We want to keep things as simple as possible and offer only two standard plans.
If BASE or PLUS plans don’t work for you then go for the CUSTOM plan; complete the enquiry form below and we’ll get back in touch with you. We’re happy to discuss how to work out a solution for you and your business.

User accounts are only provided to uniCenta customers.

uniCenta Web Reports now included



GBP for one year
  • Forum support
  • Update Notifications
  • Plugin discounts
  • Web Reports
  • Personal email
  • Developer support



  • As PLUS plan…
  • Live Developer Chats
  • Beta releases
  • Dev’ Fee Discounts
  • Remote Connects
  • Code inspects

What’s in a Subscription?

As a Subscriber you are not buying software (uniCenta oPOS is still free and open source per GNU GPL3 license) you are buying time.

A Subscription is priced in British Pounds and lasts for one year from the date you join.
You don’t have to renew if you don’t want to after that, though you won’t get the benefits a subscription brings you.
Your app’ won’t stop working and there’s absolutely no handcuffing you into any kind of commitment

Here’s what you get as a uniCenta Customer and Subscriber:


Paying recurring license fees (we don’t have any!) or raiding your bank account every year for obligatory support fees (we don’t do them either) are now history if you’re a POS user.
Actually your subscription is more like an investment. It contributes to the costs involved in maintaining the uniCenta oPOS project. And, it helps us bug-fix, develop better functionality and deliver new features that will strengthen and build your business.

The BASE plan is designed for business users of the standard out-of-the-box uniCenta oPOS app’ and who want an elevated level of online support knowing there is someone to turn to when help is needed. It doesn’t include support for MySQL installations; Netbeans or Java coding.
Peace of mind for you and your business for probably less than one cup of coffee per week.

The PLUS plan is meant for resellers and semi-technical business users who need help to get uniCenta oPOS installed and tailored to fit their business. We even have businesses on this plan who just use uniCenta oPOS as-is and subscribe to show their thanks for having saved them hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of pounds/dollars compared to other systems.
As BASE plus support for uniCenta oPOS scripting and MySQL installations included.
Expert advice and guidance for less than two cups of coffee a week!

If neither the BASE or PLUS plan fits your needs then you need to go CUSTOM – this plan is worked out between us to get the best solution for you. So, we will need to have a chat… when you’re ready of course. It’s our most exclusive plan, but then you get a whole lot more. Such as;

  • Private invitation to Beta’s – see, touch and get hands-on with where we’re heading
  • Help with core uniCenta oPOS Java code – from light touch to deep-dive into code and how things work
  • One-on-One emails – means you can by-pass our forum (you still get access of course!)
  • One-on-One chats (scheduled) – Skype
  • Teamviewer sessions – Teamviewer or Skype

For more details about the CUSTOM plan please email: info@unicenta.com


Immediate access to the latest authentic, virus-free uniCenta oPOS run-time, source code and manuals downloads from our private cloud server.

Regular Updates

Minorbug fixes and enhancements – updates will be announced every four weeks.
Majornew features and functionality – updates will happen every three months.
Criticalbug fix – no time schedule. We make a mistake.., it will get fixed a.s.a.p.


Everyone has full access to our free community forums but only Subscribers have access to our exclusive Customer-only forums.
Our Customer forums are really our support desk. Your post will be answered, specific to your issue, and topics are conveniently grouped to help you quickly find what you’re looking for.

Response to posts are usually within 48 hours – except weekends and national holidays.

Proper forum participation is expected.


Offer of direct support services are standard with a CUSTOM plan because we work out together what’s needed. Of course BASE and PLUS subscribers can have that too if needed at our usual ad-hoc rate less the plan’s discount.

We’re based in London, England and support is available during office hours Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00 – London time.
Of course these times won’t suit everyone – get in touch if not.

Teamviewer is our preferred remote support tool and CUSTOM plan subscribers will be given a dedicated Skype support contact address.


Discounts will be offered for ad-hoc support, development and plug-ins either directly or by coupon.
BASE subscribers get 10%
PLUS subscribers enjoy 15%
CUSTOM by negotiation