In 2010 we set out to build a powerful, commercial-grade open source Point Of Sale to help as many SME’s as we could

Capterra ranks uniCenta oPOS #4 2018

It went viral
We broke the mould


  • Bars
  • Bike shops
  • Cafés
  • Deli’s
  • Grocery
  • Parties + Events
  • Pop-up Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Store-in-Store
  • Visitor attractions
  • and more….


Bar + Restaurant
Deli’ + Café
Homeware + Café
Museum + Library + Clothing
Sports club + Bar + Café
Winery + Full Service Deli’

some have integrated…
Access control
eCommerce site
Membership system


  • Windows

    Windows XP to Windows 10

  • Linux

    Ubuntu, Debian, Mint + other

  • Apple

    Mac OS X 10.6 and later


Scalable. Single to multi-terminal, multi-warehouse, multi-location

  • EAN, UPC & Code128 Barcodes
  • Sell by Weight/Price
  • Stock Management
  • User Security


Amusement Park to Zoo Gift Shop. Vouchers and Coupons

  • Auxiliary Products
  • Customer Accounts
  • Layaways
  • Modifiers


Cafes, Bars, Restaurants.
Basics are more than well catered for

  • Kitchen Printing
  • Reservations
  • Split bills
  • Table Management


Fast Lane | Specialist | Hospitality


uniCenta oPOS open source Point Of Sale kiosk
uniCenta oPOS Point Of Sale for retail stores
uniCenta oPOS Point Of Sale for bar cafe restaurants


Latest experimental screen – in Beta – designed for rapid sales throughput


Powerful and Customizable with all features and functionality available


Multiple Floors and each with its own user definable table layouts


People | Product | Payments


Fast Dashboard type access to all uniCenta oPOS functionality.
Includes Customers, Inventory and Sales reporting.

uniCenta oPOS open source Point Of Sale
uniCenta oPOS open source Point Of Sale inventory
uniCenta oPOS open source Point Of Sale reports


Your data. You decide.


Cloud Database

Suits multi-location businesses

Self-Hosted Database

Your own internal network

On-Machine Database

Run on the counter-top


Help your business. Help yourself.


Web Reporting

Centralised real-time analytics on any device, any browser

uniCenta oPOS open source Point Of Sale Web Reports

Order Display

Remote Order Display ideal for Click & Collect and Kitchens

uniCenta oPOS open source Point Of Sale Remote Order Display

Digital Receipts

Stay closer to your Customers. Real receipt copy and analytics

Card Payments

PCI/EMV Card payments USA, UK & Ireland

uniCenta oPOS Card Payments with PaymentSense.

NEW for 2018!

Run uniCenta oPOS on Android, iPad or other device with a browser

uniCenta oPOS open source Point Of Sale Android and iOS

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“We’re great believers in using open source software in our business and had used Openbravo POS since 2010. With seven years trading behind us and nearly 2 million records the move to another Point Of Sale seemed like a daunting task. We needn’t have worried. The switch to uniCenta oPOS took only a few hours and included all our data!
What’s more, using uniCenta’s posApps PCI/EMV compliant card payments plugin means we will be ready for the upcoming PCI changes in 2018 and is going to save us thousands of dollars of processing fees every year.

Rick & Jennifer, Owners, Cougar Vineyard & Winery, Temecula, California, USA

Which version is right for me?

Free version

Get uniCenta oPOS – v3.91 v4.1 v4.2 Jan 2018 UPDATE! Now version 4.3 – it’s free, in all senses of the word, and can be downloaded from our community site on Sourceforge
This version doesn’t have the latest fixes or enhancements and doesn’t include direct support from us.

We’re committed to giving back to the  community where we were born. So,  we pass back two main version releases behind that available to uniCenta Customers. 

uniCenta oPOS open source Point Of Sale software is free and open source using the GNU GPL3 license. Read what free and open source means here 

Watch this interesting TEDx video if you have 10 minutes to spare.

Latest version

Your time is valuable and you want the assurance someone is there to help when you need it. You want to get uniCenta oPOS up and running in your business as quickly as possible. 

Beginning 2016 we launched our exclusive Subscriber-only support service aimed squarely at business users.
Starting from the price of only a couple of cups of coffee per month our subscribers enjoy regular updates,  access to expert advice in our  professionally managed online forum, invaluable online and downloadable hard-copy User and Developer Guides plus a growing bunch of new app’s designed to save you time, money and help your business grow.

See our ChangeLog to see how uniCenta oPOS continues to get better & better