Retailers large and small across all sectors are under increasing pressure to remain competitive.
Shrinking margins, increasing costs and competition from online stores impact daily….
Since 2010 and thanks to uniCenta oPOS Auto-Care shops through to Zoos now enjoy a true commercial-grade Point Of Sale to help run their business.  All for no cost.
We have even seen countless entrepreneurs create new businesses and profit from the opportunities uniCenta oPOS brings by being able to add unbeatable value to their customer propositions
After receiving a constant daily stream of requests to help we introduced a customer subscription service beginning of 2016 as a way for businesses to access our support services time and as a way to show appreciation for all that we do to keep the uniCenta oPOS project (read what free and open source really means).
Read how by helping you you help us


Why two choices to get uniCenta oPOS?
Read why…

uniCenta oPOS v4 series extends previous versions and available to uniCenta customers only.

Take a look at the differences and changes that add more power to version 4 


uniCenta Customers also enjoy exclusive benefits like:

  • Customer only forums – Save your valuable time and effort and get timely, accurate responses to questions and issues
  • Regular updates and fixes – Get monthly releases and new features including User Guides
  • Discounts on “live” ad-hoc support – Keep your business running smoothly. We’re here when you need us to help
  • Exclusive Add-ins – A collection of app’s, templates and scripts to enhance your business

uniCenta oPOS v4 series is free (read what free means GNU GPL3) and open source.
Subscriptions buy access to our time, skills and knowledge. Not the app’!

Not interested and want to go it alone? No problem! There are no Product, Customer, User or Sales ticket limits. No nag screens… no limitations… Nothing. It’s totally un-restricted.
Get the latest un-supported uniCenta oPOS 3.9 version you can always upgrade later if you want – uniCenta oPOS v4 has a built-in upgrade tool – and we will be happy to see you.

If you find v3.9 does what you need. Great! Keep it! Use it! It’s totally free and won’t cost you a penny… Ever!


Get the latest uniCenta oPOS supported version + benefits here
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Get the un-supported uniCenta oPOS 3.9 community version here
Download v3.9


Choose from a selection of Sales screens to suit your business

  • uniCenta oPOS Standard Sales screen

    Standard sales screen features multiple users, ticket layaways and more…

  • uniCenta oPOS Restaurant table plan

    Restaurant table plan with customer, server and table indicators

  • uniCenta oPOS Simple Sales screen

    Simple sales screen used for supermarket or specialist store. No layaways

  • uniCenta oPOS Custom Sales Screen

    Customized Sales screen without Categories and Products. Ideal for fast moving, multi-lane supermarket with barcode scanners

Sales Screen

uniCenta oPOS is renowned for the flexibility of its screen layouts. Button size, background, font and colour are all easily user customizable.


  • Great on Windows 10
  • Fast Product lookup
  • Multi-level Category & sub-Categories
  • Auxiliary Products
  • Attributes / Modifiers
  • User access levels
  • more…

PnD South Of The Border Tacos, Crestview, Florida

Crestview, Florida

Just to let you know, we opened our food truck business last month using uniCenta oPOS.
We’re now at the end of four weeks and without a single issue.
Business has been awesome, our food is great, and your program has just made it so easy.
Thank you a million times. I Love it!

William Andreozzi


Single through to multi-terminal, multi-warehouse, multi-location installation. Multi database.

  • EAN, UPC & Code128 Barcodes
  • Sell by Weight/Price
  • Stock level indicator


Amusement Park to Zoo Gift Shop. Vouchers and Coupons.
It’s multi-lingual too.

  • Auxiliary Products
  • Modifiers
  • Layaways


Cafes, Bars, Restaurants.
Basics are more than well catered for. Including Reservations.

  • Kitchen Printing
  • Table Management
  • Split bills


Easy access administration to People, Product and Payments


Improved new look and feel carried through to Back End.

Includes new modules such as Suppliers and lots of enhancements to existing uniCenta oPOS forms.
More reports have been added and more Configuration options to provide greater control.


  • Sales
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Stock
  • 40+ Quality Reports
  • Central Management
  • more…
  • uniCenta oPOS Customer panel

    Customer Management and Reports panel

  • uniCenta oPOS Supplier panel

    Supplier Management and Reporting panel

  • uniCenta oPOS Stock Management and Reporting panel

    Stock Management and Reporting panel

  • uniCenta oPOS Sales Reports panel

    Sales Reporting panel


Your database. Your data. You decide.


Cloud Database

Suits multi-location businesses

Self-Hosted Database

Your own internal network

On-Machine Database

Run on the counter-top


Take uniCenta oPOS beyond the counter-top. Included as standard.

Ideal for businesses who want instant web access to live and real-time uniCenta oPOS data.

Add reporting quickly and easily Host in the Cloud or on-premise.

Please Read * Requires WordPress and another publisher’s WorpdPress plugin


Web reporting in the Cloud or on-premise.
Uses the top web CMS  platform and a plug-in.


  • Instant view of your business
  • Focus on business performance
  • Any device with a browser
  • Uses WordPress
  • Uses Google Charts
  • Data tables
  • more…


Deep Dive

Get right down into what makes the dashboard charts tick. Direct read-only access to “live” uniCenta oPOS data.


  • Fast
  • Flexible Filtering
  • Rapid Sorting
  • Speedy Searching
  • Export your data
  • Add your own reports
  • more…

uniCenta Web Reporting in action