Changelog list of uniCenta oPOS v4 bugfixes and improvements available to uniCenta Customer Subscribers.

Updated monthly, or sooner if required, it highlights all changes to code, scripts and forms in uniCenta oPOS v4


  • 4.6.3 General-Release| January 2021

    Number of critical bug fixes read...

  • 4.6.2 General-Release| May 2020

    Bug fixes to address ongoing payment issues and smaller defects read...

  • 4.6.1General-Release| December 2019

    Bug fixes and added stabilty (db session timeouts) read...

  • 4.6.1BETA2 | October 2019

    Bug fixes and added stabilty read...

  • 4.6.1BETA1 | June 2019

    Bug fixes and added stabilty read...

  • 4.6 | August 2018

    New release includes added Guest management and Database setup read...

  • 4.6Beta3 | July 2018

    Final release with enhanced Database configuration read...

  • 4.6Beta3 | July 2018 (1)

    Final release with enhanced Database configuration read...

  • 4.6Beta | June 2018

    New release with added functionality read...

  • 4.5.4 | May 2018

    Maintenance release for uniCenta oPOS 4.5.3 read...

  • 4.5.3 | March 2018

    Maintenance release for uniCenta oPOS 4.5.2 read...

  • 4.5.2 | February 2018

    Maintenance release for uniCenta oPOS 4.5.1 read...

  • 4.5.1 | February 2018

    Maintenance release for uniCenta oPOS 4.5. Over 25 fixes, changes and enhancements read...

  • 4.5 | January 2018

    Major release of uniCenta oPOS 4.5 read...

  • uniCenta Web Beta1 | December 2017

    uniCenta oPOS now available for iOS and Android read...

  • 4.5Beta3 | December 2017

    Latest Beta released read...

  • 4.5Beta2 | November 2017

    Next Beta release update available read...

  • 4.5Beta1 | October 2017

    Major release Beta available read...

  • 4.4.2 | September 2017

    Maintenance release for 4.4.2 read...

  • 4.4.1 | September 2017

    Maintenance release for 4.4 read...

  • 4.4 | July 2017

    Major release includes new posApps Card Payments read...

  • 4.3.2 | May 2017

    Maintenance release for 4.3 read...

  • 4.3.1 | May 2017

    New update release for 4.3 read...

  • 4.3 | April 2017

    Major release of 4.3 with more than 50 enhancements, updates and fixes read...

  • Remote Order Display public Beta | January 2017

    Stand-alone Remote Order Display public Beta released read...

  • 4.2.2 | December 2016

    New update release for v4.2 see 2016...

  • Remote Order Display Beta | Nov 2016

    Remote Order Display goes to Beta see 2016...

  • 4.2.1 | October 2016

    New update release for v4.2 see 2016...

  • 4.2 | October 2016

    Released see 2016...

  • 4.2Beta_final |October 2016

    Final pre-release fixes and enhancements see 2016...

  • 4.2Beta3 | August 2016

    New Database Transfer module and Enhanced Import tool see 2016...

  • 4.2Beta2 | July 2016

    Windows, Linux and Mac OS X installers see 2016...

  • 4.2Beta1 | July 2016

    Product Bundles + 10 other enhancements and fixes see 2016...

  • 4.1.4 | May 2016

    16 topics affected + Barcodes refactor + new Windows installer see 2016...

  • 4.1.3 | April 2016

    11 topics affected + more SQL refactor + new Windows installer see 2016...

  • 4.1.2 | March 2016

    13 topics affected + SQL refactor + new Windows installer see 2016...

  • 4.1.1 | February 2016

    9 topics affected. Patch release see 2016...


09 January 2021

  • Multi buy feature added
  • A host of critical bug fixes

Change log can be found here:


7 May 2020

Addresses issue with credit card processing and other smaller defects

Change log can be found here:


October 2019

Improved DB Connection 2-Step process in Configuration>Database Setup Addition of specifying number of Guests per table in Restaurant mode. Plus more improvements and fixes and code fixes


24 July 2018

Further Database Server Connection improvements for Configuration>Database Set up. More enhancements and fixes and code improvements


2 July 2018

Improved Database Server Connection and improved UI for Configuration>Database Set up along with other enhancements and fixes


23 June 2018

New release with functionality to add and manage number of table guests/diners in Restaurant-mode. Plus ability to set individual table dimensions.
Release also includes other enhancements and fixes


15 May 2018

Monthly Maintenance Release of minor fixes for v4.5 especially for Reports and Ticket + other forum reported issues


5 March 2018

Monthly Maintenance Release of minor fixes for v4.5 including Inventory Report, manual ticketline tax calculation and a few other forum reported issues


18 February 2018

Maintenance Release with focus on Sales Reports non-balancing issues. Plus other sales screen fixes. Further improvements to the reliability of Database Transfer Tool.


4 February 2018

Maintenance Release includes 10 fixes, and 15 improvements and enhancements. The Database Transfer Tool has been improved along with a new posApps Manager update.


1 January 2018

Full Release includes more than 110 fixes, improvements and enhancements many from Customers’ feedback. With so many changes to mention, here are the top 5

  • Speed – we reckon 4.5 runs at least 20% faster than previously
  • Security – Over-ride option to give better control over user ticket and ticketline changes 
  • Categories – improved visibility of a Category’s Products
  • Tracking – introduced first-phase of error tracking
  • REST API – Real-time two-way connection between uniCenta oPOS Customers to any other external system

uniCenta Web Beta1

24 December 2017

First release of uniCenta oPOS for the web. Run on any device with a browser and yes, that includes iOS and Android devices


24 December 2017

Latest release which includes more than 100 fixes, improvements and enhancements many from our Customers’ feedback.


23 November 2017

Further updates to earlier Beta 1 release.


17 October 2017

An important major release which incorporates the brand new posApps REST API for uniCenta oPOS.


17 September 2017

An un-scheduled release for 4.4 which has fixes mainly for some forms and reports. These could have waited until our next monthly release we thought them important enough to make them available earlier.

The updates:

  • Sales, Products & Attributes forms
  • Some Product, Sales & Inventory report SQL select statements + addition of new filters
  • Addition for handling full-screen mode on Linux (tested on Ubuntu)


4 September 2017

A scheduled release for 4.4 release with the focus on updating Spanish(European) locale language. Also includes upgrade to Data Transfer tool and some required bug fixes.

The main updates:

  • 100% Spanish(European) full UI, Reports, Tickets and Tooltips translation
  • Data Transfer now includes Derby, MySQL and PostgreSQL database upgrade for Openbravo POS 2.3x
  • Various fixes for some forms and reports


30 July 2017

Major change to our posApps plugin Manager now includes PaymentSense card payment services for UK & Ireland following on from our full accreditation 25 July 2017

The main updates:

  • posApps update to include support for new PaymentSense card payments option
  • 8 report layout and SQL report revisions
  • 7 main form Fixes and revisions
  • new RxTx libraries added for x64bit Windows, Linux and Mac OS X


24 May 2017

Another quick follow-on to the 4.3 release this time to deal with some library issue which affected saving reports to for example Excel and CSV file formats

The main updates:

  • Revised pom.xml with inclusion of oracleRepository
  • Version downgrades of Apache poi and bsh to resolve Jasper Reports incompatibility
  • Fix for Avery Berkel weigh scale device list option


6 May 2017

Following on quickly after the 4.3 release due to issue with MySQL 6 connector we also took the time to add some fixes that missed the 4.3 release date.

The main things are:

  • Reverse out MySQL 6 Connector to MySQL 5.1.39 version to resolve Time Zone issue
  • Some re-engineering of Database Transfer tool. Now up to 20 times faster than previous versions
  • A handful of fixes for i.e.; Sales Profit report values and likes of Sales screen Customer pop-up


20 April 2017

A major release with over 50 enhancements, updates and fixes included.

The main enhancements are:

  • Introduction of posApps Digital Receipt (previously only available in 3.9x series)
  • New Card Payments integration with Dejavoo (applicable USA, Canada and selected South American countries)
  • Remote Print Order pop-up
  • Project moved from Ant build to Maven
  • Switch to latest MySQL 6 JDBC library for Java 8 platform and improved performance
  • and, of course, some tweaks and fixes reported by customers in our online forums

Remote Order Display

14 January 2017

Ideal for use on single or multi-display terminals as a Kitchen Display monitor for restaurants, QSR or take-away businesses.
Also useful for showroom/warehouse type operations where customer-ready picking lists are needed.

It is a lightweight stand-alone app’ developed using the latest JavaFX

The production release will be available as a uniCenta oPOS optional plugin and will run on any Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS or Android device.