Many of the FAQ’s here still apply to earlier versions of uniCenta oPOS

If you need to evaluate uniCenta oPOS you should download the latest community version series and take a look at the differences page.

Explanations of “free” is best given here GNU GPL3 and in this TEDx video

There are quite a few uniCenta oPOS “clones” out there. Some have renamed it, some have tweaked it and some will charge you for it.
We’re really happy with all of that because it has saved users lots of money and prompted a whole new kind of POS reseller.

uniCenta oPOS is still Free & Open Source and based on the GNU GPL3 license (here for wikipedia interpretation) and where we do charge something it is for our time and a contribution to the cost of providing a support service. 

  • From our Community – uniCenta oPOS is freely available on our Sourceforge project site, including source code. We’re sticking to our policy of giving back to the community where we came from. The latest version here is two versions behind that available to support customers. It’s free to download, free to own and free to use.
  • From us – The latest uniCenta oPOS is only available from this site to our support customers who also enjoy:
    • Regular bug-fixes
    • Additional feature and functionality upgrades
    • Bonus app’s like Web Reports, Remote Order Display and  Order Pop
    • Access to our private Members forum
    • Priority forum responses