Netbeans Project Set up – Ant

If you are looking to set up a Netbeans project for version 4.3, or later, please go to Netbeans Project set up – Maven

Download the uniCenta oPOS 4.2 project for Ant

Step 1: Start a New Project

Use Netbeans File>New Project

Choose Categories: Java

Select Projects: Java Project with Existing Sources



Step 2: Add Existing uniCenta oPOS Sources

Project Name: unicentaopos or give it a name of your choice.

Project Location: Click Browse and go to the folder where you unzipped the uniCenta oPOS source files

Project Folder and Build Script Name are automatically completed by the wizard.
You can make changes if needed


netbeans_project_screen_3Step 3: Add Existing uniCenta oPOS Sources

Initially in this screen you will see the wizard has only imported src-beans, src-data and src-pos

Click the Add Folder button and add the reports and locales folders

Once you’ve added these. Click Next – you could click Finish at this point.


netbeans_project_screen_4Step 4: Amend Include/Exclude files

Make any final adjustments to the Include/Exclude files to be in the project.
It’s recommended you leave as is.




netbeans_project_screen_5The Wizard has done its job and you’ll see it creating the necessary files and folders it needs for your project.

When it’s done the Projects tab will be populated with the uniCenta oPOS project’s files.

You’re nearly there. But wait you’ll notice there are red Warnings!
You have to clear these first as the Netbeans Wizard doesn’t add the libraries needed for the project automatically.



netbeans_project_screen_7Step 5.1: Adding Libraries

Select the Add JAR/Folder

Complete Step 5.2: first and then come back here. The files in the Compile-time Libraries list as shown here have been added.



Step 5.2:

Navigate to where you unzipped uniCenta oPOS and select the lib folder.

Select .jars In the Add JAR/Folder pop-up and select all of the .jar files – exclude the Linux, Mac_OS_X, Solaris and Windows folders.
Leave the Relative Path: option selected.


netbeans_project_screen_8Step 6: Set Main Class

Netbeans will now save and update the project – be patient whilst it updates – and you will begin to see the red Warnings! disappear.

This screen shows that all references to the Libraries have been resolved and your new uniCenta oPOS project is good to go!

Next it is recommended that you run Netbean’s Clean & Build to check if everything OK.


When you Run the project for the first time Netbeans will prompt you for the project’s Main Class.

Choose  com.openbravo.pos.forms.StartPOS