If you’re looking to download source code, installers or language packs & etc you need to go to our uniCenta oPOS Sourceforge project to get them as they have been removed from our site.

Why did we do this?
Direct download of uniCenta oPOS and related stuff was dropped because we were spending an increasing amount of our time managing it. Of course, spending more time doing this means less time developing and improving uniCenta oPOS.

It’s disappointing for us that some people, and it wasn’t just a few, found it necessary to give false email addresses and, if you can believe it, some abusive ones at that. You can add to this the ever increasing attempts to hack our site which tipped the decision.
We can understand that some of you want to protect yourself from spam – we have no history, nor intention, of doing any such thing – and since we came on the scene in 2010 have only ever sent three mass-mails to notify a new version was available.

All Downloads are now only available from the uniCenta oPOS Sourceforge project page.

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